Nigeria is changing like the rest of the world and so are marketing strategies. Marketing has evolved and you can evolve modern marketing strategies also.
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Kenneth Price Nigeria is new-concept oriented company, which engages in multimedia and marketing related services. The company provides a variety of relevant services, including multimedia production, website design, web marketing, brand marketing, and more. Kenneth Price Nigeria acts as a pioneer to implement new media in Nigeria.


Website Design & Web Promotion Services:
Web site design, Animations & Banners, Web Hosting, Domain registration, Online Banners, Ecommerce Web design.

Mobile Marketing & Web Marketing:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Bluetooth Marketing.

Company Branding & Company logos:
Billboard Design and Production, Vehicle Branding, Company Letterheads, Complimentary cards.

Radio & TV Concept and Production
Effective Radio/TV Copyrigting, Voice Overs, Radio/TV Commercial Production, DVD Production/Pringting/Duplication, Corporate Videos.

Multimedia Design & Production
Video Shooting, Video Editing, Audio Production, Still Photography, PowerPoint Development, Flash Development, DVD Authoring, CD-ROM and DVD Mastering, Digital catalog, Online Presentations.

Multimedia Based Security Solutions:
Closed Circuit Television Systems, Security Camera Systems, Remote Webcams and Access Control Systems.